Looking for a foundation?

Find the perfect foundation for your skin type
by using our beauty-expert test.

Which kind of texture are you looking for?

  • Moisturizing base

  • Rich base

  • Oil-free base

What is your skin type?

  • The skin is not oily nor is it lacking moisture.

  • The skin is large-pored and oily.
    Impurities are common.

  • The skin is fine-pored and tends to be thin.
    The skin itches at times .

  • The skin tends to be dry, redness
    and inflammation appear frequently.

  • The skin has oily as well as dry skin parts.

What is your preferred degree of covering power?

Do you desire a tightening effect?

Your perfect foundation:

Unfortunately for your selection we do not have a foundation with tightening effect.
For your skin types however we can suggest the following foundation:

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