nail type am I?
Which nail care
do I need?

Find the perfect ARTDECO nail care for your nails with our test.

Do your nails break often?

Do your nails and / or individual layers tear easily?

Do your nails chip on contact with hard objects?

Do your nails seem very weak and thin and do they bend away from the finger tip easily?

Are the surfaces of your nails rough, dull and dried out?

Are your cuticles cracked, brittle or dried out?

Does nail laquer sit badly on your nails?

Your result:

Healthy, sturdy nails

Congratulations! Your have the perfect nails! The surface of the nail is healthy, rosy pink and smooth. Your nails are robust and you have no problem reaching the desired length. You can use nail care suitable for all nail types. Regular manicures will help keep your nails beautiful and maintain the smoothness of your cuticles.

ARTDECO nail care for your nails

Your result:

Thin, soft nails

Nails feel weak and soft. They are extremely flexible, sensitive and break often. Nails are producing too much fat and cannot maintain moisture levels well. Nails lack the required durability to reach the desired length.

ARTDECO nail care for your nails

Your result:

Dry, brittle nails

The surface of the nails are matt and dull. Nails feel very hard and porous. They break and split often. In addition, they reveal unattractive ridges. Nails are deprived of moisture and oil.

ARTDECO nail care for your nails